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Louisiana Motor Coach


Industry: Public Transport


The Client

Family-owned and –operated Louisiana Motor Coach is the leading motor coach transportation company in the state of Louisiana. They have been in the business for over 25 years, building a solid reputation for providing safe, reliable service to a host of different clients. With a fleet of X large and medium-sized coaches as well as X mini buses, they cover everything from weddings, road tours and sporting events to convention, airport and cruise ship transfers, and anything in between.


The Challenge

Louisiana Motor Coach build their business on the four pillars of safety, sustainability, technology and an inclusive, family-oriented attitude to clients. Considering the ever-worsening traffic and increased client demands on safety, punctuality and onboard-entertainment, they needed an all-in-one solution that would safeguard their market leadership for years to come. Drivers would have to be equipped to deal with any eventuality on short notice, and communications with head office would have to be seamless and immediate to optimize proactivity and shorten response times. Liability reduction was another priority, with securely gathered and stored admissible evidence being high on the wish list, and a top-of-the-line entertainment package was added for good measure.


The Solution

Louisiana Motor Coach not only found their solution in EyeRide, but also sparked the development of an entirely new service. The EyeRide 800 system coupled to an eight-camera setup delivers comprehensive communications and supervisory capabilities right across their fleet: a super-wide-angle FD100 covers four traffic lanes ahead; and seven military-grade, tamper-proof infrared SV88 offer 360° views both in- and outside of other vehicle sections. Remote support staff can identify any incident immediately and notify drivers through the two-way, push-to- talk communications system. There’s no buffering of the real-time audio and video feeds, and all captured data is securely archived in high resolution for convenient future reference.

Louisiana Motor Coach didn’t stop at optimizing safety and communications, however. Staying true to their brand promise to offer state-of- the-art passenger conveniences and entertainment, they wanted to push the envelope further. With EyeRide’s R&D team working closely together with company management, Fox Movies was invited to collaborate on a revolutionizing onboard media-streaming service, which is due to be launched shortly. This adds to the already existing WiFi capability and onboard diagnostics connectivity to further strengthen Louisiana Motor Coach’s position as leader in their market.


The Implementation

EyeRide’s certified installers and instructors had all hardware fitted and staff fully trained within X weeks. With passengers already surfing the Internet freely through the onboard WiFi, the Fox Movies entertainment service is due to set another industry benchmark soon.


The Verdict

Mary Sanders, President and Owner at Louisiana Motor Coach: "You know, it might seem that taking people from A to B isn’t rocket science, but making sure that they are picked up and dropped off on time and can make the most of the trip kind of is. Weddings, major sporting events and sightseeing tours are just some examples where having access to the latest technology often is the deciding factor. No matter whether it’s due to traffic jams, passenger mishaps or anything else that can happen on the road (and I could tell you a few good stories on that), you can’t afford to be the party that stalled the walk down the aisle or made people miss the kick-off. And with EyeRide, we’re truly equipped to stay as far ahead of the game as you possibly can. In fact, I can check the position and live audio and video feeds of every single vehicle in the fleet right here on my smartphone, and should I need to tell a particular driver anything, I just push a button. With second-by-second GPS updates, we know exactly where everyone is at any given moment, so whenever a client asks for a status update, we can give them a straight answer. Details like that make for absolutely invaluable reassurance – both for our management and drivers as well as our clients and their guests."


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